Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Review – Best Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide 2017

Are you planning to purchase a reliable and budget-friendly acoustic guitar? If yes, then don't look anymore as you have navigated to the right page.

Here, you will reveal an in-depth article on "Yamaha F335 Review" with detailed description of its five key features, sound quality, construction quality, and latest additions.

​Yamaha, this reputed and renowned brand has been manufacturing musical instruments over the last 60 years. And, this "Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar" is also not an exception.

This guitar features a sturdy construction that guarantees a long-lasting lifetime. On top of that, it renders a classy yet sophisticated look.

Moreover, it allows you to adjust smooth & accurate tuning during your musical performance.

Yamaha F335 Guitar Review: Reveal Five Key Features

In this section of Yamaha F335 Review, you will reveal a brief overview of top five key features of this guitar.

​1. Glossy Finishing:

Glossy Finishing of Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar

Glossy Finishing of Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar

At the first glance, Yamaha F335 guitar looks extremely classy and sophisticated with its glossy finishing.

The laminate of this musical instrument doesn't look unreal or artificial (unlike other cheap acoustic guitars that are currently available on the market).

Instead, the users of this model will certainly love its premium-quality polished look with a lustrous glossy finishing.

​2. Dreadnought Body Style:

Being one of the best acoustic guitars in the category, the product features a classic dreadnought body style.

Note, its premium-grade construction with dreadnought body style offers an attractive and eye-catching look.
Dreadnought Body Style

Dreadnought Body Style

3. Lightweight:

According to the manufacturer's specification, this guitar weighs approximately 6.3 pounds. Therefore, it is a lightweight acoustic guitar. Plus, it is easy-to-handle and easy-to-use.

Even if you are a novice and you are using this product for the first time, you will not face any difficulty while playing this guitar.​

4. Smooth and Fine Tuning:

Yamaha F335 guitar comes with gold die-cast tuners.

Note, these gold die-cast tuners will always offer you to adjust a smooth, precise, and accurate tuning.

So, if you are an avid music lover who simply loves the fine tuning of music, then this affordable acoustic guitar will be quite apt for you.​

​5. Affordable and Budget-friendly:

Are you looking for an acoustic guitar that doesn't come with a hefty price tag yet it offers you a satisfying performance? If yes, then this guitar will be worth considering.

Needless to mention, Yamaha F335 is considered to be the best cheap Yamaha acoustic guitar in this category. The best part is -- not only the product is affordable and it does not break your bank, but also it offers you a reliable performance (so that you can blissfully play and enjoy your favorite music).

​Yamaha F335 Specifications:

This particular section of Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Review will acquaint you through its specifications.





Body Style

Dreadnought acoustic



Laminated Spruce Construction


Back and Sides

Meranti Construction


Fingerboard and Bridge

Rosewood Construction


Number of frets

20, 14 free



Tortoise shell






Gold die-cast



Limited lifetime by Yamaha


Item Weight

6.3 pounds

What Materials Are Used in This Yamaha F335?

​While buying any product or service, we often tend to look for its construction quality. Aren't you? Well, you will now have a blissful peace of mind by knowing that this guitar offers a solid and sturdy construction.

It features a laminated spruce top that guarantees a long-lasting value. The spruce top is extremely sturdy and it is not porous.

​The other parts of this musical instrument (especially the back and both of its sides) are manufactured from Meranti.

Note, Meranti is a light hardwood that is mostly grown in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The Meranti construction of this acoustic guitar offers a nice and delicate touch.

The fingerboard and bridge are made of top-notch quality rosewood. The rosewood construction renders a rich reddish-brown color with a beautiful glow.

Overall, the elite, classic, and careful construction of this model features a superior longevity.

What's New Inside Yamaha F335? 

What Is New Inside Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar

What Is New Inside Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar

So, what are the latest additions to this guitar? What makes this musical instrument so unique and exclusive? Well, this is widely regarded as the best Yamaha acoustic guitar.

This is because -- this acoustic guitar comes with a premium-grade construction, it plays well, it sounds great, and it is extremely affordable and pocket-friendly.​

​The latest additions to this model that make it truly stand out from the rest are - its gold die-cast tuners and tortoise shell pickguard.

​Gold die-cast tuners will offer you a precise and accurate tuning. Whereas, its tortoise shell pickguard will further allow you to experiment with diverse music styles.

​How Does It Feel? -

Is this acoustic guitar easy to play? If you are looking for a detailed answer to this query, then take your time to read out this section of Yamaha F335 Review.

​Needless to mention, Yamaha F335 is extremely easy to play. Irrespective of whether you are a budding guitarist or a pro musician, you will never encounter any glitch while playing this guitar.

​Most of the users often complain that while playing the strings of an acoustic guitar, they eventually develop a wrist pain.

In order to overcome this issue, Yamaha has incorporated a precise-grade construction so that the guitarists won't develop any wrist pain while playing its strings.

​Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Review: Yamaha F335 Sound Quality

While purchasing any guitar, the biggest focus is given on its sound quality. Luckily for you, Yamaha F335 features an impressive sound quality so that you can play, generate, and enjoy the finest rhythms.

For example, the model features gold die-cast tuners that will help you generate an accurate tuning for your music composition.

Additionally, its tortoise shell pickguard will help you experiment with diverse music styles and compose an innovative music creation.

Obviously, this guitar plays quite well and everything perfectly melts together to generate a flawless sound quality.

Best Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar: Major Pros & Cons​


  • It is undoubtedly fun and easy to play
  • It features a precise-grade construction
  • It offers a superior longevity
  • It is extremely affordable and pocket-friendly
  • It generates a flawless sound quality
  • It does not go out of tune


  • The carrying case needs to be purchased separately
  • Not very versatile

A Brief Comparison with Other Yamaha Guitars

In order to help you make a wise, meaningful, and informed buying decision, this part of Yamaha F335 Review will discuss a brief comparison with other Yamaha guitars.

For example, Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar (another incredibly popular musical instrument by Yamaha) features to offer a better construction quality compared to Yamaha F335 acoustic guitar. Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar is manufactured from solid Mahogany wood.

However, this model is more pricey than Yamaha F335 acoustic guitar. Additionally, Yamaha F335 guitar is lightweight (which weights around 6.3 pounds). On the contrary, Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar weighs approximately 7.5 pounds.

​Compared to another terrific music instrument by Yamaha (Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar), Yamaha F335 guitar features to offer a better sound quality at an extremely affordable price tag.

​Which One Should You Buy?

So, the question is -- which musical instrument will be more apt for you? If you are a passionate music lover who wants to buy a reliable and pocket-friendly musical instrument, then nothing can actually beat "Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar".

With a focus on great musical tone, impressive sound quality, outstanding build quality, and playability, this product has already become a popular choice for the budding musicians.

In fact, the pro musicians can also use this musical instrument in order to experiment with diverse music styles and craft flawless music compositions.

Therefore, Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar can be a meaningful purchase for both budding music lovers and pro music veterans.

Overview and Rating of Yamaha F335:

Yamaha's F series comprises of several acoustic models that are affordable and budget-friendly. And, Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar is also not an exception.

Featuring a dreadnought shaped body with sturdy construction, the guitar can offer a reliable performance.

Additionally, it can help you generate an impressive sound quality.

Features: 4.9/5

Reliability and Value: 4.8/5

Construction Quality: 4.5/5

Sound Quality: 4.5/5

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

The Final Verdict:

With this, you have revealed a detailed article on Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Review. It features an excellent construction quality with Tortoise pickguard, natural binding, and triple circle rosette.

The model is available in multiple color options with high-quality gloss polish. Furthermore, it can generate a terrific sound quality. The gold die-cast tuners of this guitar allow a smooth and accurate tuning. The best part is -- the product is extremely cost-effective and affordable.

Therefore, if you are looking for a budget-friendly acoustic guitar that offers a reliable performance, then "Yamaha F335 Guitar" will be a great purchase for you.

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