Ukulele Vs Guitar: Which One Should You Play?

You love music and want to play some instrument, but what?

This is a tough question that most people come across as it’s not just investment of your money but your time too! Moreover, you need to ensure that you are choosing the right instrument to play.

Thus, if you have to decide between Ukulele and Guitar you must know which is what and then take your decision. This article will not make you to play any one of them but let you know about both of them that will help you to pick one.

Similarities between the two

First it’s better if you know the similarities between the two. Both of them are stringed instrument. It means that the sound is produced when the strings are strummed or plucked over the wooden body that is hollow. It’s by natural amplification that the sound is produced in both the instruments. In electric guitars there are electric amplifiers but in acoustic guitars it’s natural and very much similar to a ukulele.

Both the system have fret board and have strings that are suspended over a long strip of wood. The sound is produced by pressing the finger over the board. Different chords are produced with the combination of the strings and the pressure on the fret board.

Appearance and style

Let’s start with the appearance of both the instruments.

Compared to Guitars Ukuleles are bigger ones with 6 strings. You will find 4 strings in a ukuleles. Even the fret board of the guitar is larger compared to ukuleles and is thicker too. Thus, someone with smaller hands finds it easier to handle a ukuleles. People who have larger palms will not find any difficulty in playing a guitar.

When it comes to the style Ukuleles are mainly of Hawaiian style. It is the origin of the ukulele and regarding guitar you can find electric or acoustic. Depending upon the music you prefer you can choose between the two.

Sound of the instruments

It’s not only the loos that matters. Even the sound plays an important role while you choose an instrument to play

While you go for a guitar you have the choice to choose between an electric and an acoustic guitar. Thus, you have the choice to play between a rock concert music and a soft acoustic tone. Both the type of guitars will give you unique sounds.

If you think of range and tone there is no doubt that the guitar offers you much better range as the fret board of the guitar is longer. It can help you reach much lower tones.

When it comes to the sound of ukulele there is not space for much variety, it gives you a unique sound. It has a typical Hawaiian tone that will give a good background music for hanging out on beaches! Still based on the size of ukulele you purchase you can get difference in tones.

Thus, if you have plans of singing along with the instrument again the ball is in your court. You must know what tone and range goes best with your vocal range.

Price of the instruments

Undoubtedly cost of the instruments is a major factor while you choose one. Compared to a guitar a Ukulele is much cheaper choice. The price range of a low quality Ukulele will be somewhere around $25 while you can get the best quality ukulele within a range of $80-$90.

Compared to it the cost of a guitar ranges much higher somewhere in between $150 to $200. When you begin learning you can start with a second hand guitar if you wish to play a guitar only.

Which is easier to learn

Now comes the question that which instrument will be easier to learn for a beginner?

Actually, it’s a question of debate as many people believe that it’s easy to learn ukulele as it has only 4 strings, but it may not be the case. The learning curve of a ukulele is much smoother compared to that of a guitar but again it depends upon your choice.

As there are fewer strings to manage in a ukulele it is believed that it’s easier to play. For some it may be because the tension of string is lower in ukulele. Still if you have larger hands you will love playing a guitar as it has a larger fret broad.

Moreover. Although in the last decade the ukulele may be taking prominence but guitar is a farfetched instruments that is in use from the 1050 BC. You can learn both of them if you have a good teacher to take care of the lesson.

The world of music is open in front of you and now that you know which comes with what qualities you can choose one easily. If you love small and portable and want the learning experience to be simple then go for a ukulele. While if you want variety in tones and love to explore the world of music with the instrument in your hand go ahead, you can choose between any guitars available.

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