Ukulele or Guitar : Which Should My Child Learn?

Ukuleles and guitars are great instruments children can learn and play. They sound great and are very comfortable to play. In this post, we are going to discuss choosing the ukulele or guitar, which one is right. We will also look at how parents can help their children learn better.

​Learning A Musical Instrument Is Beneficial To Your Child

​Learning A Musical Instrument Is Beneficial To Your Child

​Learning A Musical Instrument Is Beneficial To Your Child

​If your child has indicated interest to learn a musical instrument, please give that child your support. Learning a musical instrument can help your child to excel academically and become great in the future.

We have seen many great instrumentalists who started as children grow to become one of the best in the world. Learning a musical instrument can save your child from a lot of troubles too.

​I remember my cousin’s son who plays the violin. Instead of mingling with friends, he always looks for how to improve his skills. The instrument let him stay calm, patient and learn. I believe you already know what consistency really means.

Of course, the result of hard work is more improvement for players, and making such improvements keeps him happy.

​Now back to the question; should my child play the ukulele or guitar?

​. I get asked this question by many parents. It is an interesting question with a straight forward answer. Most parents want their child to play the guitar but choose the ukulele as a starting point. Ukulele and guitar is a great instrument to learn, and if you want your child to learn any of these, you must treat them individually.

Should Your child play the ukulele or guitar

Should Your child play the ukulele or guitar

The ukulele should not be used as an introductory instrument for learning the guitar. You may think it is just a small sized, comfortable and easy to play, but just like other string instruments, it requires constant practice

​The ukulele size should not be the reason for jumping into the instrument. Though, this is a considerable difference between the ukulele and guitar size.

If you want your child to learn the guitar, there are classical guitars for children with sizes 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4.

There are also great resources and method books young children can use to learn the guitar instead of learning the ukulele first.

​The small size of the ukulele is what confuses many parents to believe that their child can easily learn the basics of the ukulele and transit to a guitar. With all my experience and years playing the ukulele,

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I have never seen anyone that transited easily from ukulele to guitar. The ukulele and guitar are both fretted instruments both tuned differently. Therefore, learning the ukulele first does not mean that you can play the guitar perfectly.

​Importance Of Choosing The Right Instrument

​Your child can play the ukulele or guitar. It doesn’t matter. What matters most is choosing a suitable instrument. This is very vital and shouldn’t be toyed with. It is the best advice I give to parents who want their child to start playing an instrument.

On many occasion, I have seen students who bring instruments gifted them by a parent or relative to the class. It is not the right thing for both the teacher and student. It is possible that the instrument does not suit the child and may delay and hamper the learning process.

Parents should engage in proper research before investing in an instrument. The reason for this is to know more about the musical instrument and finding a suitable one for their child.

​Another possible way to choose the right instrument is working with a teacher. You can allow the teacher to choose a suitable instrument for your child. This will assure you that nothing will go wrong.

The teacher can easily help you find the best ukulele for beginners that will suit your child. That’s when you want your child to learn the ukulele. If you want your child to learn the guitar, the teacher can also help you get the best beginner guitar that will be fine for your child.

​Learning an Instrument: How Parents Can Help Their Children ?

​You don’t have to be an instrumentalist or a professional ukulele or guitar player to help your kids learn these instruments. There are many ways you can render support.

First, get your child the right instrument. If you are buying a ukulele, buy the best ukulele for beginners and not just a phony instrument. As we said before, you can do some little bit of research. Read other resources that talk about ukuleles and guitars for kids. Ask the child’s teacher for suggestions.

​Parents need to be fully involved in their child’s musical education. There are no two ways about it. The child needs the best support he or she can get. You have to support him or her mentally and financially as well.

​For a child to learn any instrument fast that child must practice constantly. Going to weekly lessons alone isn’t enough. The child also needs to practice every single day. Practicing every day at least 1 or 2 hours can make all the difference.

Parents can help their children to be more consistent with practice. They can remind them when it’s time for practice or interrogate them every day to find out if they had their routine practice.

​Another way to assist the child is through encouragement. When he or she makes mistakes, don’t scold, don’t act like a professional even if you are. Come down to the child’s level and be friendly. If you can help, then that’s fine.

Tell the child what he or she needs to do. If you can, pick up the instrument and play in front of the child. Ask him or her to emulate you to get it right. If you don’t have any idea, just encourage the child.

Tell the child he or she is doing fine. And remember, even if you don’t know how to play the instrument, still need to participate in their practice somehow.

Final Word​s

​Your child can play the ukulele or guitar. Both instruments are great to learn and play. The ukulele should not be used as an introduction to playing the guitar. It should be viewed as an individual instrument. It is a special instrument and absolutely different from a guitar. It is tuned differently and sounds differently.

​Your child can learn both but one at a time. Just give your support and if possible, let the child choose the instrument he or she wants to learn.

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