The New released Music “Come Ridee” by Jaydcrazy and J-matt

The Jaydcrazy and J-matt both are great artist and they are the two halves of a creative hip-hop duo. Their sound blurs the lines among charismatic traditional hip-hop-r&b and lovely new-faculty sound, allowing the satisfactory of both worlds to collide in a beautiful and direct manner.

Come Ride media coverage
Single Title: Come Ride
Artists: Jaydcrazy & J-Matt
Release date: Friday 11-02-2018
Hip-Hop & R&B record
Hometown: Houston

Few days ago, they've completed the works on a Awesome new single titled “come Ride,” which without a doubt stands out as an terrific mixture of thunderous beats, cinematic melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics. And “Come Ride” Single will be release in November 2nd , 2018

Jaydcrazy & j-matt have an simple combo of chemistry, and their talents are outstanding fit with each other. “Come Ride” makes me think about cutting-edge icons, inclusive of drake, Kanye West or Chris Brown.

One of the most intriguing factors of this tune, is that during spite of the truth that that is a very tried-and-actual rap track, it also has lots of melodies, blinking a watch to the sound and feel of clean modern-day R&B.

“Come Ride” will be release in November 2nd , 2018 stay tuned with Jaydcrazy & j-matt.

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