Learning How to Play Simple Ukulele Chords: A Beginner Guide

These simple ukulele chords are what beginner should know. In this article, I will introduce you to the simple ukulele chords, how to play the major chords, minor chords, and the 7th chord. So read on!

Where Do I Start From?

First, make sure you already have the best ukulele for beginners. Learning chords with a poor quality instrument that cannot hold tune well can be very frustrating.

Secondly, you need to tune the ukulele properly. The chords and notes will sound horribly bad if the ukulele is not in tune. You can get an electronic tuner if you can’t tune manually.

Questions to ask as a beginner before learning ukulele chords

It will be out of place to stop halfway down the line when you start learning how to play chords. These 7 chords we are talking about are quite easy but finding answers to those mind bugging questions can help you stay focused.

  • Will the chords difficult or challenging for you to learn?
  • Are you really learning chords that will benefit you?
  • Can sing and play the ukulele at the same time after learning chords?

How to Play Major Chords

The painful fingers, difficult chord diagrams, all is worth it as long as learning how to play the ukulele is concerned. These are sacrifices you need to make and the end result is always amazing.

Let’s assume you have your ukulele tuned properly already. Now, we are going to learn how to play the major chords.

The seven major chords are the A B C D E F G, the first seven letters of the alphabet. However, the essential ones are the A C D E F G. Comparing what we have now with what we wrote before, you can see that the only chord missing is the B.

Remember we said earlier that the B chord is not that easy for beginners to play. It is not also needed that much compared to the others.

How to Play Minor Chords

We are going to elaborate on this a little. First, let’s assume you now know how to play the major chords that sound stronger.

The minor chords produce softer sounds and can also spice up the tune with some moody sound.

First minor chords:

  • Am
  • Bm
  • Cm
  • Dm

Among these four chords listed above, the Am chord is the simplest. The reason is because you only need one finger for it.

Your middle finger should be on the G string (second fret). You can use four fingers for the Bm, or a barre chord.

For the Cm chord, you need to move down a fret and make use of either a barre chord on the C, E and A strings or just use your three fingers. For the Dm chord, add your ring finger to the C string.

Let’s look at the four chords we mentioned and others we didn’t.

How to Play the 7th Chords

This is one of the common chords in jazz and blues songs. They add a kind of groovy vibe to the music making it livelier.

One interesting thing about this chord is that they are easy to learn and play. We have the A7, B7, C7 and D7.

For the A7, your first finger should be used on the first fret of the C string. While for the B7 chord, make use of the barre chord on the strings G, C and E on the second fret, then your middle finger should be on the C string third fret.

For the C7, your first finger should be on the first fret of the A string. The next is the D7, which is similar to the B7.

On the second fret, you will make use of another barre chord on G, C and E strings.

Let’s look at the four chords we mentioned and others we didn’t.

Tips for beginners

Before you start learning the ukulele, read the following tips:

  • Get a good quality ukulele. The ukulele should be able to hold tune well and sound well too.
  • Ensure that your instrument is properly tuned.
  • Do not rush things, take your time and practice consistently.

Final Word

These chords are very simple chords that every ukulele player should know. You can play a wide range of songs if you know them and remember also that you can transpose any song to another key to make it a lot easier to play.

Learn, enjoy and make good music! Also connect with ukulelebuzz.com

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