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Madelyn Victoria Short Bio 2018

Madelyn Victoria’s debut single release, “He Only Loves Me on the Dance Floor” reached #1 on the national country AM/FM chart, New Music Weekly, making it one of the biggest debut singles of 2016.  The self-penned song won an Akademia Award for Best Country Song in April 2016, earning her numerous other award nominations and […]

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Odella have been developing and much love expanding in its music over the years. The band songs are mostly based on the pop and funk genre. Shine is their latest release in March 2018. The collaboration with Ivory Lee became a hit and has cross the national dance/crossover chart. Out of the many songs composed, this […]

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A&L is Releasing Their 8th Single We Are Love

A&L is using music to express the need for love and acceptance!A&L is releasing their 8th single We Are Love. A&L’s new song We Are Love celebrates diversity, acceptance and love! With a Beatles inspired string arrangement, and and upbeat feel, you will get lost in the melody and the message. “We hope to share […]

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Review of Involution song By Martin Del Carpio

Martin Del Carpio mother’s passing has greatly affected him in ways that is difficult to explain simply in words. It was a pivotal moment in his life. To see her health decline month after month throughout the years should’ve prepared him for what was to come. But honestly nothing can truly prepare you for something […]

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