Marshall DSL40C Review – Best Marshall Amp In 2019

Are you planning to purchase “best guitar amp” but you are not quite sure which one to pick, then do not worry anymore!

In this article, you will be acquainted with one of the best guitar amps that’s currently available on the market.

This product is designed and manufactured by a leading brand i.e. Marshall. If you are a passionate music enthusiast, then you have probably heard about this renowned brand i.e. Marshall that produces a bunch of high-end musical instruments. And, “Marshall dsl40c” is also not an exception to that.

Manufactured by such a renowned and reputed brand, this product features to be a great-valued guitar amp that can generate an impressive sound quality.

For your reference, this article will reveal a comprehensive “Marshall dsl40c review” so that you can clearly identify its key features.

Marshall dsl40c 40w Review – Reveal Top Four Key Features.

This section of Marshall dsl40c 40w review will reveal a list of its top four key features so that you can easily make a wise and meaningful buying decision.

Feature-packed Capability:

For a musician, this product features to be a sturdy, all-tube, powerful, and gig-ready enormous 40-watt workhorse.

The excellent feature-packed capability of this modern musical instrument can be a true friend for every music lovers who want to craft and compose a great music quality.

The model boasts of featuring a powerful Celestion 12″ speaker for generating flawless sound quality (without any compromise).

Another excellent feature addition of this model includes foot switchable classic and ultra gain channels.

Please note, the Ultra Gain channel of this model comes with both Gain and Volume knobs and it is designed to provide you a distorted overdriven sound. It can easily produce 70’s rock sound through its Heavy Metal lead & rhythm tones.

The best part is that this Channel select button switches between either classic or ultra gain using the footswitch (as per you convenience).


In this model, there are five different types of equalization knobs, such as Middle, Bass, Treble, Presence, and Resonance.

All of these five equalization knobs have been shared with the Ultra Gain and Classic Gain channels that can perfectly shape your music tone.


The rear panel pentode and triode can switch from 40 watts to 20 watts. This feature offers an exceptional versatility.

Also note, this particular feature of this Marshall dsl40c makes this product quite unique and distinctive from the rest. And, this two modes per channel feature (40 watts and 20 watts) offer an extra flexibility.

Value for Money:

Featuring impressive features like two modes per channel, added versatility cum flexibility, five equalization knobs, and feature-packed capability, this product boasts of being one of the best-valued guitar amps.

And, the best part is that — the product is affordable and reasonably priced. It comes with a pocket-friendly price tag and it does not break your bank.

That’s why this guitar amp is widely regarded as the best Marshall amp.

Marshall dsl40c Amp Reviews: A Quick Look at Its Specifications

  • A Powerful 12-inch Celestion Speaker
  • Two foot-switchable channels — either Classic Gain or Ultra Gain
  • Extra flexibility with two Modes per channel (including both 40 watts and 20 watts)
  • 5-way EQ including Treble, Middle, Bass, Resonance, and Presence
  • Tubes: four 12AX7; two EL34
  • Pentode/Triode can switch and drop down the overall power from 40 Watts to 20 Watts
  • Foot-switchable, studio quality, and digital Reverb with great Level control for each channel
  • Bypassable series FX loop
  • Two-footswitch supplied
  • Product Dimesion — 24.4 x 19.3 x 9.9 inches.
  • Weight: approximately 50.5 lb


  • Five superior equalization knobs to adjust your sound quality — Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, and Resonance.
  • Extra flexibility and versatility are added through its two Modes per channel feature.
  • It comes with two foot-switchable channels i.e. Classic Gain and Ultra Gain.
  • It features an excellent construction quality that ensures a great value of your investment.
  • A powerful 12-inch Celestion Speaker is associated with this product.
  • It comes with a reasonable price tag.


  • No amp cover is provided with this model.
  • The reverb circuit could be better.

Construction Quality:

Whenever you are purchasing any product, the strongest focus is certainly given on its construction quality. Isn’t it? So, you must be wondering about the construction quality of this high-end guitar amp.

Aren’t you? Well, for your quick reference, this part of Marshall dsl40c 40w Review will acquaint you with its construction quality.

Manufactured by a well-recognized global brand, this product features an excellent construction quality that is bound to surpass your expectations.

Plus, the construction quality of this model ensures that you enjoy a long-lasting benefit and optimum value on your purchase.

Sound Quality:

A good guitar amp is often characterized by its sound quality and related features. So, what is the sound quality of this product?

Can this so-called “best Marshall amp” produce a flawless sound tune as you are expecting for your music composition?

Or, will it provide you a compromising sound quality? Well, to resolve all of your queries, this section of Marshall dsl40c review will reveal a brief overview of its sound quality.

Featured to be the best Marshall amp, this musical instrument can produce a fine and flawless sound quality.

You can easily control its five “Equalization Knobs” in order to further adjust and generate a perfect sound quality that you are looking for.

Is It Worth to Buy?

As a purchaser, here comes the most worried part of making a buying decision. Will this product be able to fulfill your expectation level? Is it worth to buy? Is it worth your investment?

If you are looking for a precise and accurate answer to these aforementioned questions, then do not forget to take a quick look at this section.

Marshall dsl40c is widely considered to be one of the best, top-rated, and best-valued guitar amps.

The model comprises of four top-notch features that make it an ideal musical instrument for those who are planning to buy a powerful guitar amp.

The model has a capability to drop down its power level from 40w to 20w — this feature ensures an added versatility and flexibility.

And, five “Equalization Knobs” feature adds more value to the product. You can also incorporate time-based effects including reverb and delay (in your music composition) by using this terrific guitar amp.

Moreover, the product is reasonably priced and it doesn’t break your bank. Therefore, from a final standpoint, it can be clearly mentioned that this product is really worth to buy.

Best Marshall Amp: Comparison with Other Products

In this section, you will reveal a comprehensive analysis cum comparison with other similar types of Marshall products.

In comparison with Marshall MG30CFX MG Series, this product surely surpasses the comparison level as Marshall dsl40c is stacked with more powerful and extraordinary features (compared to Marshall MG30CFX MG Series).

But, if you are comparing this product with Marshall JVM M-JVM210C-U Combo Guitar Amplifier, then also Marshall dsl40c clearly exceeds the comparison level since it is affordable and reasonably priced.

Whereas, Marshall JVM M-JVM210C-U Combo Guitar Amplifier comes with a hefty price tag.

What’s the Best Product for You?

In the aforementioned section, you have revealed a comprehensive comparison of Marshall dsl40c guitar amp with two similar kinds of products, such as Marshall JVM M-JVM210C-U Combo Guitar Amplifier and Marshall MG30CFX MG Series.

In both of the cases, Marshall dsl40c guitar amp clearly exceeds the comparison level in terms of its features and price tag.

Therefore, if you are looking for an action-packed, versatile, and flexible guitar amp at an affordable price, then this product will be quite apt for you.

Customer Reviews and Expert opinion:

Obviously, customer reviews play a key role while purchasing any product. A customer or a verified buyer (who has used the product for quite a while) will be able to share their honest and unbiased reviews on this product.

In this reference, a brief overview of two verified customer reviews on Marshall dsl40c guitar amp is described in the below section.

According to a verified purchaser of this product, this is an extremely great guitar amp that comes at a very reasonable price.

The customer was extremely pleased with his/her purchase. The user has also mentioned that this product can produce a diverse sounding.

Another customer has stated that he/she is using the product for more than two months and it simply exceeds the overall expectations.This amp sounds simply fantastic and flawless.

Although this is a small mid-priced amp, but it is really capable enough to produce a great Marshall sound (with its inbuilt capability of generating a rich, deep, clean, and vibrant sound quality).

Product Care — After Purchase:

If you have already purchased this product, then you are recommended to go through this section. This section of Marshall dsl40c review reveals a guideline on how to render a perfect care to this product (after purchase) so that it can improve its lifetime.

Since this is a delicate music instrument, you are always recommended to handle it gently with proper care and attention. Also, you should often use the standby switch since it really serves an important purpose.

It will keep a low-voltage current running through the power tubes, while keeping the full voltage power from reaching to it until it had got sufficient time to warm up.

Alternatively, if you turn on the guitar amp immediately and crank it to the full volume (before they’re ready), it will impose risks of damaging its internal components.

Additionally, you should also use an amp cover (post usage) so that your delicate device will be protected from external dust and dirt.

The Final Verdict:

With this, you have revealed a detailed, insightful, and unbiased review of one of the most popular and highly demanding guitar amps i.e. Marshall dsl40c.

In terms of its features especially five equalization modes, flexibility, construction quality, sound quality, and versatility, this product will surely surpass your requirements and expectations.

Not only this product will help you produce a brilliant sound quality, but also it will allow you to execute and craft innovative music simply by adjusting its equalization modes.

Other than these features, it is worth to mention that the product is reasonably priced. It’s cheap and affordable — yet it’s stacked with various important features that make it the best Marshall amp in the category.

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