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Learning with the best uke makes the process enjoyable and easy. Less time spent on tuning, great sound, playability and impressive appearance.

Achieving all these wouldn’t be possible without research. Anyway, we know you are here because you want an instrument that offers the best value for the money.

In this Lohanu ukulele review, you’ll find all relevant information to assess this brand. How they have managed to build a solid reputation in this niche, and what they are doing that’s making their ukulele stand out.

The Lohanu Ukulele Brand

Lohanu is a Canada-based company that has grown to become one of the famous ukulele makers in the industry. Though the company had its ups and down as witnessed in many cases, they managed to bounce back stronger and better than they were.

Lohanu has everything; technology, manpower and experience to become a global leader in the ukulele making business. They are well-known to offer a number of top quality budget ukuleles that have received more positive ukulele reviews than many brands on the market.

The name “Lohanu” is made of a combination of three words; love, ohana and lastly, unity. And the company has lived up to its name, satisfying the needs of players at all levels.

Why You Should Read Our Lohanu Ukulele Review Before Buying

You feel fulfilled and happy when you invest wisely on anything. Yes, you will be more proud of yourself. This ukulele review will make you feel that way. You will have all the necessary information at your fingertips to make an informed decision.

Who are we to make these claims? And why are we different from other review sites?

In this soprano ukulele review, we shall be accessing the soprano ukulele made by Lohanu. We shall look at features like playability, fretboard, size & sound, wood & finish, and how these things benefit the player.

We shall also look at the pros and cons of this soprano ukulele.

1.Lohanu (LU-S) Ukulele Review


The Lohanu LU-S has an excellent playability, which is surprising for a ukulele at this price point. The neck is straight and solidly attached to the body.

Though the tone wood used for its neck is not the best of wood, the smooth finish on it makes the fingers to navigate up and down the fretboard with ease.

The bundle also comes with everything beginners need to get started immediately.

The strap buttons are already fixed, so you will not be spending extra money on that.

Above all, this ukulele has a very lightweight. It weighs just 1 pound making it less tiring to carry for extended periods. The strap and balanced weight also makes it comfortable for beginners to practice with for many hours.

Even without the strap, you can comfortably play it while standing for extended periods.

Fretboard & Neck

The LU-S has a rosewood fretboard, which enables it to deliver a phenomenal sound.

Rosewood has an excellent ability to tame unwanted over tone, thus making the ukulele sound bright and clearer.

The 12 frets are placed neatly on the fretboard. They are all of the same height, giving no room for the ukulele to buzz.

Size & Sound

The LU-S is 21 inches long which is the normal soprano size. As with other soprano ukuleles, players with smaller fingers will find playing this ukulele very comfortable.

It has a shorter neck, so players won’t be doing too much stretching while playing.

The sound is bright and clear, though it does not have better resonance than a solid wood ukulele.

However, considering the price point, there would be difficulty in finding a better sounding ukulele than the LU-S.

Most budget ukuleles, on the other hand, either has fretting problems or other discouraging irregularities.

They are not given much attention to details because manufacturers are seeking to cover up their expenses by increasing production.

However, Lohanu has good quality control policy in place, which allows the company to check all ukuleles properly before shipping them out.

Wood & Finish

Being a laminate ukulele, the LU-S still has some advantages over solid wood ukuleles.

It is not fragile and susceptible to damages caused by changes in humidity and temperature, which often affect a solid wood ukulele.

Laminate wood will not resonate better than solid wood but it does make this ukulele last longer, so having laminate at this price point is not a deal breaker.

It is well-made, portable and comfortable to carry for extended periods because of its lightweight.

The solid ABS binding is handmade and neatly applied, thus making the ukulele look more appealing.



  • Arched back for richer sound and volume
  • Bundle includes; extra strings, digital tuner, gig bag, and strap which are handy for the beginner
  • Reasonably priced
  • Great build quality
  • Tone is balanced across the range


  • It is not made for high-end use
  • Low-quality gig bag which doesn’t protect the instrument completely
  • Requires proper setup on arrival for optimum performance
  • Not the prettiest of ukulele at this price point

What Users Are Saying About the Lohanu (Lu-S)

Overall, this is the best starter ukulele to buy; it will stay with you as you grow and gain more experience. It comes with an all-laminate body, but you hardly can find a better deal in a beginner ukulele.

Does Lohanu offer the Best Concert Ukulele for Beginners? Find out!

Just as we did for the soprano ukulele produced by Lohanu, this concert ukulele review will assume the same pattern. We will consider features like playability, fretboard, size & sound, wood & finish and how they sum up to benefit players.

We shall also be looking at the pros and cons of this ukulele model to provide details that will help you make an informed decision.

Lohanu (LU-C) Review


The Luhanu (LU-C) ukulele is 24 inches long. It is 3 inches longer than the soprano ukulele, with wider spaced frets, giving more room for players with bigger fingers and hand sizes to navigate on the fretboard.

Its superior Aquila nylgut strings also make strumming enjoyable. They are smooth on the fingers, and beginners who like playing hard will find it very interesting.

Getting this ukulele to stay in tune is a breeze. It comes with superior chrome die-cast tuner gears which are comfortable to use and holds tune well enough.


Fretboard & Neck 

Unlike other budget concert ukuleles at this price point, the LU-C has a smooth neck that will not obstruct finger movement when fretting.

This feature distinguishes the Lohanu’s budget ukuleles from others at this price point.

The frets of the LU-C are perfectly seated on the fretboard; there is no overhanging frets or rough edges.

Lohanu shows class in the area of fretwork that is why their budget ukuleles do not buzz like others at this price point.

Size & sound 

The strings, rosewood fretboard and arched back of this ukulele, combine to give a warm, bright and clear sound with more volume. And though it is an all-laminate uke with poor resonance, it is comfortable for practice.

The LU-C is 24 inches long and has wider fret spacing. It also has more tension on the strings than the soprano ukulele.

Wood & finish 

Being an all laminate ukulele, the LU-C is light and still very sturdy. It is an attractive ukulele with a light finish that makes it to even resonant better than other laminate ukuleles at this price point.

With a weight of 1.2 pounds, the LU-C makes a great travel ukulele. One can even play it for extended periods without the strap because of the lightweight.



  • Superior Aquila strings
  • Excellent playability
  • Great tone and intonation
  • Sound is warm and bright with no buzzing noises
  • Bundles come with extra strings, strap, bag, strap pins installed, picks, & free video lessons for beginners


  • Action is a bit high for our taste but can be adjusted
  • It is an all-laminate ukulele
  • Might require some minor setup on arrival

What users are saying about the Lohuna (LU-C)

This Lohanu concert ukulele is a wise buy considering the quality of its hardware, playability, and sound. The bundle includes everything beginners need to get started, so no need to shop for extra accessories to get started.

It is surprisingly durable and suitable for beginners on a budget, looking to upgrade from the soprano ukulele size.

Does Lohanu offer the Best Tenor Ukulele for Beginners? Find out!

Moving away from the Lohanu concert ukulele, the next is the tenor ukulele review. We will also look at the fretboard, size & sound, wood & finish and how they benefit players.

We will also look at important features like the pros and cons which will help you to make an informed decision.

3.Lohanu Tenor Ukulele Review



The Lohanu (LU-T) tenor ukulele is bigger in size than the soprano and concert ukulele. Fret spacing is wider, making it even more comfortable for adults with larger hands.

The wider fret spacing coupled with a smooth action makes it more comfortable to play. Players don’t need to press too hard on the strings to touch the frets.

Fretboard & Neck 

The LU-T has rosewood fretboard, which is a great tone wood. Rosewood has the ability to tame unwanted overtone, giving the ukulele a bright and clear tone.

The neck is solidly attached to the body, so well that you can grip the ukulele tight without fear of tearing it apart.

All the frets seat properly on the fretboard and do not produce any buzzing sound like other budget ukuleles.

Lohanu takes pride in producing quality budget ukuleles to meet the needs of every beginner. They have great quality control and ensure all their ukuleles are well finished with no irregularities or shortcomings.

Size & sound 

The LU-T is 21 inches long. It has more fret spacing than the soprano and tenor ukulele, making it easier for beginners with bigger fingers to chord.

Players with larger fingers will also enjoy strumming or fingerpicking with this ukulele.

The sound is a deeper and louder. It does not buzz like other inexpensive ukulele and the notes ring out well during robust strumming.

Wood & finish 

This is also an all-laminate ukulele. Though the resonance is also poor due to the nature of the wood, it is a fair deal considering the price point.

The finish is also light and very attractive. It completely protects the ukulele body and gives it a natural look.

Lohanu did a great job on the workmanship of this ukulele. It has a solid construction and neatly done ABS binding.



  • Excellent workmanship
  • Better fret spacing for adults with larger hands
  • Good padded & sturdy bag
  • The bundle has extra strings, free video lessons, picks, digital tuners, strap, & pick holder.
  • Great price


  • Great to practice with but not to use for stage performance.
  • It is an all laminate ukulele
  • May also require a little bit of setup for optimum performance

What users are saying about the Lohanu (LU-T)

This ukulele is great for beginners as well as professional players seeking to keep their itching fingers busy with the ukulele.

It has great sound and plays better than other tenor ukuleles at this price point.

Final Word

Lohanu is a force to reckon with in the ukulele making business. Their budget ukuleles have more positive ukulele reviews than any other brand in the market.

We have provided details of the best Lohanu ukulele for beginners. Now is time for you to make your choice and start making music.

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