Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele : Lanikai Ukulele Review

The Lanikai ukulele is a special ukulele brand for beginners, intermediate players, and professionals. This ukulele is designed to rekindle your passion for playing the ukulele. Durable and high-quality materials.

However, all the different types of this brand of ukuleles such as the Lanikai ukulele soprano, Lanikai ukulele baritone, Lanikai ukulele tenor and the Lanikai LU-21C Concert Ukulele are made of quality materials, which differentiate the Lanikai ukulele brand from others.

I play the Lanikai Soprano ukulele. In fact, I feel so happy anytime I pick it up to play. I so much like this ukulele brand and because of the deeper tone I enjoy while playing, I made it one of my favorites.

The Lanikai ukulele lu-21 is a perfect brand for instrumentalists who are planning to expand their tonal palette as well as for first time players. However, I made this Lanikai ukulele review out of love for the ukulele to acquaint ukulele players with the unique features of this product.

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Specifications of Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele

Design and Shape of the Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele

The Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele features the figure-eight shape with white binding to keep the wood material firm. So, if you are someone who likes sitting down while playing your uke, then this figure-eight shaped ukulele will be more comfortable for you to play. This ukulele brand also has a great design. It is made more appealing with a perfect red-tinted finish.

This brand of the ukulele is simply amazing. No one would believe it a less-expensive uke. In addition to its great shape and design, this ukulele brand also has an amazing body, bridge, fretboard and a nice tune page. Don’t worry, I am going to review more in this Lanikai ukulele Review.

Body of the Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele

The body of the Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele makes it perfect for beginners and intermediate players. This brand of the ukulele has a completely straight body with well-constructed head, neck, and sides.

The white binding used on the body of the LU-21 produces a nice framing of the red-tinted finish. In fact, this instrument looks so beautiful and professional even with a simple design.

The quality of the binding and material used for this ukulele brand also makes it very strong and durable. I sometimes drop my Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele by mistake but it doesn’t crack or lose its tune.

In fact, I thought I was the only one deeply in love with the LU-21 Soprano uke until I read other Lanikai ukulele reviews and discovered that other users were saying the same thing.

The fretboard of the Lanikai LU-21C Soprano Ukulele

The fretboard of this ukulele has 12 frets and made of rosewood material. This is why the ukulele consistently produces a wonderful and warm tone.

Rosewood is a good quality material used for ukuleles. It makes a warm rich sounding ukulele with great volume and resonance.

Another unique thing about rosewood is that unlike other materials, it is less susceptible to cracking. It produces a solid and stable ukulele with a perfect shape. In addition, the frets on the LU-21 are well positioned to produce a great sounding ukulele too.

Tune page of the Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele

The Lanikai’s die-cast tuning machine also provides solid tuning. Also, this brand of the ukulele is also very easy to tune and stays that way once it is tuned the way you want it.

Lanikai is made to make you enjoy playing your ukulele. You can take this ukulele wherever you want to and for any occasion you like.

The material of the Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele

The Lanikai ukulele lu-11 or LU-21, are very portable and stable ukuleles. These products are made of quality Eastern mahogany material “Nato,” to deliver high-quality sound and playability. The finishing on this ukulele brand also helps to protect the surface from damages.

Everything about this ukulele brand is perfect. Unlike other materials, the eastern mahogany wood is a great material for making ukuleles. The wood does not crack or lose its appearance quickly as other woods do. It is very stable and amazing for making ukuleles.


  • Great resonance
  • Strings are quality Aquila nylgut strings
  • It has easy to tune die-cast tuning machine
  • Very comfortable to play and learn
  • Comes with an instructional booklet
  • Produces deep tone with great volume


  • It might be too simple for most professionals to play

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does this ukulele come with the Lanikai soprano case?

Answer: No, it is not sold with the case but cases are cheap.

Question: Is the wood of this ukulele solid or laminate?

Answer: The one I have is solid.

Question: Is the quality of the sound produced by this ukulele good?

Answer: Lanikai produces one of the best concert ukuleles with great sound. The volume of this concert ukulele is also very loud and clear.

Question: I am a beginner, is this ukulele easy to play?

Answer: This Lanikai soprano ukulele is very easy to play. In fact, it comes with an instructional booklet. This ukulele is fit for beginners, intermediate players, and professionals. It is very portable for you to carry along with you when you travel.

Question: Do I need a Lanikai soprano case?

Answer: Yes, you need it. It will help to protect the body and other parts of your ukulele from damages. The ukulele case is cheap and also available in almost every ukulele stores.

In Summary

The Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele is a great ukulele brand to play. It is very comfortable to play and comes with well-positioned frets and strings to make the ukulele more enjoyable to play. The volume produced by this ukulele brand is superb. The volume is very loud and the ukulele also gives a warm tone.

I am always very happy anytime I pick up this ukulele to play. I find it very easy to tune and even after tuning, it stays that way for a long time.

This ukulele is one of the best soprano ukuleles in the market. It is very portable and weight is also very light. Well, as for me, I have done my best by providing some information about the product in this brief Lanikai ukulele review. I believe you will find out more for yourself when you own one.

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