Kohala Soprano Ukulele Review : Best Soprano Ukulele For Beginners

The Kohala ukulele is a good quality ukulele to play. I used this ukulele as a beginner and now it is still part of my collections. Both the Kohala concert ukulele, Kohala tenor ukulele, Kohala baritone ukulele and the Kohala Soprano Ukulele produce great sound.

In fact, to me, the Kohala ukulele brand is one of the best ukulele brands in the market. There are quite a lot of features that will make you fall in love with this instrument.

I will mention some of those features in this Kohala ukulele review but I believe you will understand better when you own one.

One thing I like about this ukulele brand is how comfortable it is to hold and play. I can say the same for other ukulele brands I own, but the Kohala uke is much more different.

I play it almost every single day and from the time of purchase till now, it is still looking very new and sounds great.

One other thing I like about this ukulele brand is that it is very easy to play. I can say the same for other ukulele brands I have possession of but the Kohala uke is much more different. I also admire the durability of the product. Maybe because I take proper care of it but this ukulele is also one of my favourites so I play it every day.

However, in this Kohala ukulele review, we will be looking features of the Kohala Soprano ukulele and why I highly recommend it to a beginner.

For other instruments, I can’t say much about this quality because they didn’t last up to expectation but the Kohala is different. Before I go further in this Kohala ukulele review, let’s look at the shape and design of the Kohala Soprano ukulele that I have.

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Amazing Design and shape of the Kohala Soprano ukulele

The Kohala Soprano ukulele has a figure-eight or what is known as acoustic shape. The body of this ukulele is also made with a satin finish which protections the ukulele body and makes it look so much attractive. Also, there is no flaw in the body and design of this ukulele brand. The ukulele body is well constructed and straight.

The shape, including features like the weight and size of this ukulele brand, makes it much easier to carry. In fact, you can travel with it to any destination, even in your suitcase.

The Kohala ukulele is such a great product. In fact, there are lots of features this ukulele brand has that makes it fit for beginners and professionals to play. The shape and design of this ukulele brand are not the only features to like about this product. It has quality strings, wood material and amazing tune page.

Strings of the Kohala Soprano Ukulele

The Kohala Soprano ukulele comes with quality Aquila nylgut strings. These strings do not only make the ukulele very comfortable for finger picking and strumming. But contribute to its clear and penetrating tone.

The strings also have smooth surfaces that make it a comfortable play. As with most new strings, these strings may require regular tuning to become stable. But the good thing is they can achieve stability in a short time.

These strings also have the ability to achieve the needed pitch as well as stability in just a few seconds. They can also remain tuned for weeks and months if properly maintained. For this, you can get a soprano ukulele cover, or better still a Kahola ukulele case to protect the strings and body of your ukulele from any damage.

Wood material of the Kohala Soprano ukulele

The Kohala soprano ukulele is crafted with durable and quality Eastern mahogany wood material, which has a lightweight and gives a very full and resonant tone.

The type of material used in making the ukulele can determine how long it will last for you. That’s why you must be careful when selecting your ukulele.

We have different quality and types of wood materials used in making ukuleles. While some usually last longer because of their textures, some might have a lifespan of 2 or 3 weeks.

The quality of the wood material makes this ukulele durable, reliable and strong. In fact, my Kahola soprano ukulele has been with me for some years and it still looks very new.

Tune page of the Kohala Soprano Ukulele

The Kohala soprano ukulele is an amazing brand of ukulele for starters. The tone produced by this ukulele is soothing and very loud.

You can take this ukulele brand with you to the beach if you want to entertain people or enjoy yourself. In fact, the size of the ukulele is portable and the ukulele has lightweight.

The Kohala soprano ukulele comes with geared tuning machines that make it very easy to tune. This tuning machine makes the ukulele to stay in tune longer and better than most ukulele in this price range. They are perfectly screwed to give users the best experience with the instrument.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Very easy to hold, learn and play
  • It gives a soothing and warm tone
  • It is made of geared tuners and stays in tune
  • Strings have a smooth surface and gentle to touch
  • Body, neck, and sides are made of durable eastern mahogany


  • The case is sold separately
  • The appearance might be too simple for people who want flashy designs

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What type of strings does this product have?

Answer: The soprano ukulele comes with Aquila nylgut strings.

Question: Is the sound produced by this ukulele loud?

Answer: Yes, the sound is quite loud and very bright.

Question: I read that this brand of the ukulele is made of the Eastern mahogany wood material, how true is it?

Answer: Yes, the Kohala Soprano Ukulele is made of Eastern mahogany wood material.

Question: I am a starter can I play this ukulele well? And one more thing, what will help me learn how to operate this ukulele?

Answer: Yes, as a starter you can make use of this ukulele very well. It is very comfortable to hold, learn and play and it also comes with an instructional booklet that will guide you.

In Summary

In summary, the Kohala soprano ukulele is a good quality ukulele, suitable for every player especially for beginners. The ukulele looks very attractive and solid even at the price range. And it also sounds great with no buzzing. It comes with amazing features like eastern mahogany wood material, geared tuning machines and quality Aquila nlygut strings that all contribute to its great sound and durability.

I would highly recommend this ukulele to beginners looking for an affordable, reliable and durable ukulele that they can begin their journey with.

Anyway, I don’t really want to bore you with long text that’s why I wrote just a few things about the product in this Kohala ukulele review. I believe you will experience more about this product when you own one.

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