How To Tune A Ukulele : A Guide For Beginners

As a beginner, one of the things you will learn about the ukulele is how to tune it. Tuning is one of the difficult challenges many beginners encounter. Of course, it is only a well-tuned instrument that will sound well.

We have prepared a simple, step-by-step guide on how you can tune a ukulele to the standard tuning, the various types of ukulele and how to tune them, using tuners, tuning apps and more.

How Beginners can tune a ukulele

Tuning a string instrument is not a big deal. Even though you are new to playing the instrument, you can still tune. There are videos on how to tune a ukulele or other stringed instruments. You can learn from these videos or from the texts we are going to provide here for you.

Standard Tuning: How it is been done

The ukulele was also tuned to G, C, E, and A notes. But this only become known and accepted as the standard when the internet was invented.

The ukulele was also tuned to G, C, E, and A notes. But this only become known and accepted as the standard when the internet was invented.

Tuning The Ukulele With A Piano

Most videos you will find today use the standard ukulele tuning pattern, G4, C4, E4, A4. The 4 that comes after the letters represents the piano octave you will also find.

You can easily tune the ukulele when you are using a reference instrument. It is quite easy because the instrument will guide you. If you have a piano, then you can follow these steps to tune your ukulele.

1.First, play the G on your piano then strike the G string with your finger. Adjust the pitch of the G string to suit that of the piano.

  1. If you decide to tune the rest of the ukulele using the piano, then continue by first playing the C, E and A first on your piano before the ukulele. With this process, you can tune your ukulele to sound right.

Tuning Your Ukulele With A Tuner

Another great way to tune the ukulele is with a tuner. Most players use the chromatic tuner and it works best for them. A Korg chromatic tuner is a great option.

Where to buy a chromatic tuner

You can buy chromatic tuners online at a fair price. Do not forget that there are different brands of tuners on the market and all are not chromatic.

Meaning of Chromatic tuners

This is a common question I get asked by beginners most of the time. The thing is a chromatic tuner is designed to help you get all of your notes tuned. For instance, guitar tuners are not chromatic.

Tuning The Ukulele By Ear

If you don’t have any tools, gadgets or friends with instruments to help you tune your ukulele, you can still tune your ukulele. It may not be as perfect as using a piano or any other tool, but it is doable.

You can tune the ukulele yourself by listening with your ear. You listen to the sound and then adjust the instrument to sound right.

Let’s discuss it step-by-step;

  1. Play the C string and listen to how it sounds. If the sound is sharp or flat, go ahead and adjust the tuners.
  2. Play the 4th fret of the C string, which is E. The sound of E should not be different from the open string. But if the open string and the fretted one are not the same, then you need to adjust the open string a bit.
  3. Repeat the second step, but this time with the 3rd fret of the E string or G note. Ensure that it matches with the open G string then adjust.
  4. Now play the 2nd fret on G string or A note. It should have the same sound as an open A string. Make sure that this and the fretted note are in the same tune.

Tuning by listening with your ear is not as complicated as many think. You need to practice to be able to get your ear accustomed to the different tones.

Different Ukulele Types And How To Tune

Apps For Ukulele Tuning

There are many apps to use for tuning the ukulele. They are simple, durable and reliable. Below are few of the apps I recommend to beginners. Check them out:

For iPhone

Free Chromatic Tuner

This app can be downloaded from iTunes app store free of charge. It can be used for both the standard as well as alternative tuning. You can download and enjoy.

This app is also great. It automatically changes your smartphone into a pitch pipe and chromatic tuner.

Android Phones

This app is also effective for tuning the ukulele. It helps to get your ukulele in tune using a built-in mic on your phone

Get here the ukulele tuner for android.

Chord can be downloaded and installed on both iPhone and Android phones. The app has both paid and free version. It also gives you the option to do multiple tunings on other string instruments. In addition, you will also find scales, chords and other vital information in this app.

Final Word

There are several ways to tune the ukulele which we have highlighted here in details. Tuning the ukulele is not as difficult as many beginners are meant to believe it is. Though tuning the ukulele may seem difficult when you first start it, but once you choose the one most convenient for you and keep on practicing, you will become good at it and stay with

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