Every Kids Should Know The Importance of Learning Ukulele

If you want to teach your child the ukulele at home, then first and foremost, expose him or her to the basics.

Knowing About Different Parts of the Ukulele

  1. Show him or her the different parts of the ukulele and their importance. For instance, tuning pegs are used to tune or keep the strings in tune. Continue this for other parts of the instrument. You can check the image above if you are not sure about the parts of the ukulele.
  2. Show him or her how to hold the ukulele and how to place the fingers.
  3. Teach the child how to tune the ukulele. Let your child know the importance of keeping the instrument tuned before playing and the techniques used.
  4. Teach him or her about chords
  5. Strumming patterns.

See This Video To Learn More About Parts of Ukulele

Ways to Help Your Child Learn the Ukulele Faster

Instead of forcing kids to learn an instrument, parents should allow them to personally make up their minds.

Children can learn how to play the ukulele from 2 years, but the best starting age is from 6 years upwards.

Ukulelebuzz  decide to help your child learn the ukulele faster, first, you must ensure that he or she falls in love with the instrument. You can allow him or her to choose the preferred design or color before buying.

Enroll the child in a ukulele class, where he or she can learn with other children. In addition, also create time for your child to continue practicing at home consistently.

Most ukuleles come with accessories players would need to get started. But if the ukulele you got lack some basic accessories your kids require to get started, then you have to make plans to purchase them individually.

Knowing About Ukulele Accessories

Let’s take a look at some of these accessories and why they are so important to buy alongside the best ukulele for kids:

1. Ukulele Bag/Cover:

Just as the body needs clothes to protect the skin, the ukulele also needs a bag. The quality of bag matters too. Some poor quality bags still expose the ukulele to greater risk of being damaged.

Many ukuleles come with gig bags, to protect the instrument. Some come with extra padding to protect the instrument in case it collides with other objects while on transit.

Another duty of the gig bag is to transport the ukulele with ease. The gig bag will enable your child to transport the ukulele and free up his or her hand for you to hold while walking.

However, there are different sizes of bags for the different ukulele sizes.

2. Ukulele Tuners :

Purchasing a tuner may not be that important if you are buying the ukulele for 2 year old.

At this age, he or she is not very much concern about sound, but to get to know the instrument better.

But if the child has started to get serious learning the ukulele, say, you might consider buying a tuner. He may start learning how to use a tuner at this age.

A chromatic tuner will be a great option.

3. Ukulele Strap :

You also need to buy a strap, to enable your child to hold and play the ukulele comfortably.

Though some of the best ukulele for kids are not that heavy, a strap will make them remain in the right position where kids

You may also try to place strap button on the ukulele if the ukulele does not come with one. Get a professional to help you drill the holes neatly because you might tear the wood apart if done wrongly.

Importance of Teaching Your Child Ways to Care for the Ukulele

Children are very sensitive and learn faster than you think they do. They may also begin to use some of the things they learned in their ukulele classes at home.

For instance, by learning how to care for the ukulele, they may start to understand the importance of keeping themselves and room tidy.

Let them know that not caring for the ukulele can make it go bad quick and teach them how they should wipe the strings, body and other parts of the ukulele gently.

In fact, they will not only start falling deeper in love with their ukulele but understand at a tender age, why they should be more organized and careful in life.

  1. Teach and remind them to place the ukulele in its bag after playing. Tell them the reason for always placing it in a bag, that the ukulele (wood type) is affected by humidity and will go bad. You can use a humidifier if you want.
  2. Teach them how to wipe the wood, finish and other parts of the ukulele. Make them know that the fingers produce sweat which deteriorates the wood and finish, so these parts have to be wiped thoroughly after playing. Again, you can get the Dunlop 65 lemon oil, but this is optional.

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