Best Ukulele Covers And Straps : Buying Guide & Reviews in 2019

Do I need a ukulele cover? This is one of the questions I get asked all the time. It is mostly asked by beginners as well.

Like a friend of mine once said, choosing whether to use a cover or not is a matter of choice. The ukulele bag is used to protect the instrument, but if you feel there are other ways you can protect it, then it is okay to stick with that.

Buying the best ukulele cover is also important. You want your ukulele to be well protected, so there is no wrong in going for the best. Most people consider the price of their ukulele before deciding on purchasing a cover or not.

Most of them do not see any reason why they should purchase a ukulele bag for a less than $100 ukulele. As earlier said, it depends on whether you want the less than $100 dollars ukulele to last a little more or you feel comfortable buying a new uke often.

In all, protecting your cheap ukulele will add more value and make it to last longer.

How to find the best ukulele cover ?

Finding the best ukulele bag is as dicey as finding the best ukulele to buy. There are many ukulele bags in the market with different designs, styles, materials and other additional features.

First, you have to consider the stitches. Some ukulele bags have loosened stitches or stitches that may loosen faster. Mere looking at them, one can tell the ukulele bag will lose its stitches faster.

Since the bag will also be used for transportation, another thing to consider is the handle. It should have a comfortable carrying handle that is well stitched.

The ukulele cover should also be the size of the instrument you want to protect. For instance, if you are using it for a soprano ukulele, get the size that will fit your soprano ukulele properly. The same thing goes for other types. The reason is to ensure that the ukulele is well protected and held tight in the bag.

We recommended Top 4 Best Ukulele Covers

CLOUDMUSIC Hawaiian National Ukulele Bag – Best Soprano Ukulele Bag

CLOUDMUSIC has made a name for itself when it comes to creating captivating and top quality ukulele cover. The CLOUDMUSIC Hawaii National Ukulele Bag is the best ukulele cover on a budget that you can use to protect your ukulele without worries. It has strong handles and is well-padded on the inside.

Construction-wise, the bag fits perfectly and has side zips that allow you to place your ukulele in it and zip back conveniently. The way the ukulele bag unzips allows you to set your ukulele inside without mistakenly sliding it past the teeth of the zipper as well as other things that could damage the ukulele.

It comes in three different sizes for soprano, concert and tenor ukulele.The pretty colors and woven cotton fabric make it more attractive and durable.

Highlights features

  • Heavy cotton fabric
  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • Outside pocket with comfortable zippers
  • Water resistant vinyl feeling material


  • Sturdy straps
  • Strong handles
  • Case is well built
  • Well padded on the inside


  • Padding is not too bulky
  • The backpack strap might be too short for some users

This ukulele case has great design and style. It is also durable and sturdy. It is one of my favorite ukulele cover and one I can conveniently recommend to anyone looking for inexpensive but quality ukulele cover without breaking the bank.

CLOUDMUSIC Top Quality Concert Ukulele Bag – Best Concert Ukulele Bag

CLOUDMUSIC Top Quality Concert Ukulele Bag is the best ukulele bag to have. With adjustable backpack straps that let you adjust it to any level you want, transportation is much easier. The straps are very easy to adjust and stay firm once adjusted.

The thick padded case when used for ukulele, offers better protection during transit. It has soft foams inside that protect your ukulele from bumps that may possibly damage the instrument.

Unlike other cases, this is the best ukulele cover with heavy duty dual opening metal zippers. Solid zippers of the concert ukulele bag offer additional protection to the ukulele. It is also very durable and comfortable for you to hold. It’s outside accessory pocket also has smooth zippers too.

This bag is also available in all three sizes, soprano, concert, and tenor sizes. They all have a comfortable carry handle and the same captivating Hawaii coconut pattern black and white design.

Highlight Features

  • Thick padded case for better protection
  • Heavy duty dual opening metal zippers
  • Outside pocket to store accessories
  • Attractive black and white design
  • Adjustable backpack strap for easy transportation


  • Durable
  • Very simple to use
  • Comfortable carrying handle


  • Case is slightly tight
  • Color might be too flashy

The CLOUDMUSIC Top Quality Concert Ukulele Bag is a budget-friendly ukulele bag made of quality materials and appealing designs. This is one of the highly recommended ukulele bag.

ChromaCast CC-TNBTB-BAG Tenor/Baritone Ukulele Padded Bag

The ChromaCase ukulele padded bag is not only made of durable material but makes transporting the ukulele much easier. It comes with well padded back-pack style straps that make it much easier to transport the ukulele. The handle is also rubberized making it very comfortable for you to carry the ukulele.

It has two padded pockets on the outside for you to conveniently carry your accessories. You can carry your strap, tuner, strings and any other accessory along with you.

Considering its price tag, the quality of the ChromaCast ukulele bag is unmatched. It is budget friendly and also neatly and professionally stitched all over.

Highlights features

  • Has two outer pockets
  • Handle is very comfortable to hold
  • Two adjustable shoulder straps
  • Stitching on the bag is very neat


  • Well-sewn backpack straps
  • Fits perfectly
  • Sturdy zippers
  • Inexpensive
  • Quality material


  • Does not fit the soprano ukulele

The ChromaCase doesn’t have much cons and its one of the best ukulele cover on the market. I would highly recommend to players looking for quality ukulele bag on a budget.

Phitz Baritone Ukulele Case, Charcoal – PH89941UBF

With the six inches foam padding and heavy-duty luggage-grade thread, the Phitz Baritone Ukulele Case stands as the best ukulele cover to protect the baritone, concert and soprano ukulele on transit. The thicker build is not only for protection, but enhance durability and can protect your ukulele from impact by other objects.

The water resistance fabric and thick lined outer fabric coupled with the 100% nylon ripson lining gives your ukulele additional protection from rain drop. Even when you get drenched in the rain, you are confident that your ukulele is well-protected.

If you are a gigging musician or someone who likes traveling a lot, the full-width large front pocket will be very useful to you. The large pocket holds any type of ukulele accessories like straps, strings, picks, small notebooks and other things you may require.

This ukulele bag is available for soprano, concert and baritone ukulele and it fits like a glove.

Highlights features

  • Six inches foam padding
  • water resistance fabric
  • Anti rust nylon zippers
  • heavy-duty luggage-grade thread
  • full-width large front pocket


  • Lightweight
  • Made of 6 inches thicker foams
  • Highly affordable


  • Thread is not cotton but polyester

This bag protects the ukulele very well and can be used to transport the instrument conveniently. I highly recommend this ukulele bag to those looking for quality ukulele on a budget.

Why choosing the best ukulele cover is important ?

There are many reasons why choosing the best ukulele cover is important. One of the reasons is the price of the ukulele. If the ukulele comes with a high price tag, you may want to offer better protection by using a good quality bag.

The best ukulele bag should have high-quality stitches and zippers. Some come with water resistant fabric for better protection anywhere. The bottom line is that it will not disappoint especially when you travel to a different location.

However, the best ukulele cover doesn’t have to be pricey. With careful research, you can find one with hardwearing exterior and reinforced seams. This offers better protection and makes the ukulele bag to last long.

Factors that can damage your ukulele

This is the least discussed topics among ukulele players but is very important. No one wants to spend his or her hard-earned money to acquire a ukulele that won’t last long.

The meaning of the word “damage” used in this context is when the ukulele is not performing to expectation. The wood might become cracked, or the body scratched.

Factors like extreme temperatures, dry climate, humidity, and dust can damage the ukulele that’s why many people choose nothing but the best ukulele cover to protect their precious ukulele.

Ukulele bag help to prevent the instrument from scratching too. It will also protect the strings from being tempered or touched by other people.

Finding The Best Ukulele Strap – Buying Guide & Reviews in 2017

Playing the ukulele with a strap is a matter of choice, just as using a ukulele bag is. The ukulele has been played for centuries without the aid of a strap, so is there any reason to use it now?

Why You Need A Strap ?

There are many reasons you need a strap. First, the size of the ukulele has grown tremendously from the original tiny soprano ukulele produced in Hawaii far back in the 19th century.

A lot has changed and while you can hold and play some of the ukuleles comfortably, a strap will not only offer you a secure playing position but free your arms. This is handy if you are playing a bigger ukulele than a soprano or maybe you want to try out some amazing fretwork moves.

Using a strap can also make the ukulele sound better, too. For instance, if you are using a strap, the other option is to hug the instrument to keep it in place. The bottom line is pressing the ukulele against your body can somehow inhibit the vibrations on its back and top.

This can make your ukulele sound like you kept it under a blanket. Some women have noticed that using a strap helps to keep the ukulele in a comfortable playing position on their chests.

Best Ukulele Strap Reviews

With many ukulele straps in the market, finding the best ukulele straps can be really stressful especially for first-time buyers. The straps I am about to mention are the ones I can recommend after testing many of them.

CLOUDMUSIC Flower Series Ukulele Strap Peacock Flower Black

CLOUDMUSIC Flower Series Ukulele Strap makes you feel super comfortable when you pick up the ukulele to play. It is made of high-quality polyester and micro-fiber leather which makes it durable and comfortable to use.

The strap can be adjustable to a comfortable length. It extends up to 123 cm to stay at any level that will be comfortable for you. It is also suitable for all sizes.


  • Vibrant colors
  • Sturdy materials
  • Durable leather head
  • Suitable for soprano, concert, tenor and baritone ukulele


  • It is only 48 inches long
  • Bright colors might not be comfortable for most players

CLOUDMUSIC Colorful Hawaiian Style Cotton Ukulele Strap Blue White Flower

CLOUDMUSIC is known for designing colorful and durable ukulele straps. The Hawaiian style cotton ukulele strap is not only decorated with beautiful flower designs but is built with high-quality cotton and leather materials.

It comes with free strap buttons, so you will not be spending to acquire them. The buttons also have the needed hardware for installation.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Free strap buttons
  • Wide and comfortable strap
  • Quality leather and cotton material


  • There are no cons apart from the fact that the strap might be too little for some players.

Final Word

Irrespective of the size and worth of your ukulele, two accessories you cannot do without are the ukulele bag and strap.

You do not have to break the bank to get the best ukulele cover and best ukulele strap. Though there are quite a lot of these accessories in the market, you can find the best with a little research. I may not have listed all the good quality ukulele bag and strap on this post, but I am confident and can recommend the few listed here to anyone.

So, feel free, explore, enjoy and leave comments or questions below.

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