Reveal The Story of Great Musician Cory M. Coons

The Great Musician Cory M. Coons Canadian Recording Songwriter and Artist / Performer of many years from just south of Ottawa, Ontario. As we seen, he have long been very passionate about music since he can remember… Back to his early teens.

Since the age of 13, he has been starting performing, Song writing and recording music. As a performance recording musician and songwriter, Cory has released his new melodic rock Cd/Album, “The Long Road Home”, in early 2018

Once again it was produced and mixed by Multi-Gold and Platinum veteran music Producer, Alongside extra following/overdubs, Ron Nevison,  (Heart, Bad Company, Styx, Night Ranger Damn Yankees, Survivor,) , and main impetus on guitar on this new record, Guitarist/Engineer, Marc D. Muir. Cory was selected at the Producer’s Choice Award. He also got another Los Angeles Music Awards in the Rock Artist Of The Year class for 2015. MTS Management Group has been brought in to publically and promotions the single release.

He got the 2014 beneficiary of the Producer’s Choice Award for Studio Album Of The Year, for his Independent EP, “Share A Little Time”

Mr. Michael Stover, President of MTS said “I’ve known Cory for several years, and it’s been a real pleasure watching his career develop,” and also said “Cory has a real gift for melody and the ability to deliver a message to his listeners, in a way that doesn’t knock them over the head. We’re really looking forward to finally getting to work with him.”

Pawn And Prophecy by Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins

Silent Assassins Mike Lepond’s release a new song “Pawn And Prophecy”. This album features great 8 songs. Which truly obscure the lines between different impacts and thoughts.

The record commences with ““Masters of the Hall.” This track just couldn’t be more epic, with a staggering presentation, comprising of ground-breaking drums, enormous stadium shake harmonies, and choral vocals.

The tune rapidly digs into a very quick beat, with shades of melodic hardcore, with great British overwhelming vibes and demise metal.

The amazing song “Black Legend” has a truly in-your-confront plan, with probably the best guitar riffs overall collection. This is a straight-up impact of adrenaline, with solid drums and a one of a kind course of action.

The Great dynamic song  “Antichrist” is with great tune that makes me consider groups like Motorhead or The Misfits, however with a more refined methodology that echoes back to crafted by groups like Whitesnake or Motley Crue.

“I Am The Bull’ commences with an exceptionally unpropitious, yet extremely sweet opening line, with a cool fitting impact and heaps of low end. The tune later forms into a moderate agonizing tune, with a gigantic Sabbath-like feel.

The great substantial “Avengers of Eden” is a metal track, with a quick notch and an extremely epic segment of harmonies and string/synth components underneath the guitars.

“Crowds of Fire” has a snappy and vigorous riff, which makes me consider Guns’N’Roses or Stone Temple Pilot, with vocals that slice through the music flawlessly.

“The Mulberry Tree’ is a shocking acoustic melody with an ageless vibe and a scanty, yet great game plan, nearly helping me to remember European people and rover music. Last yet quite not minimum, the title track is a dirty and engaging number that starts with an extremely ghostly bass line, driving into the melody after about a moment of soloing. The melody detonates with a mix of society metal that feels very dynamic and ground breaking. This tune is relatively similar to a society/metal form of Emerson Lake and Palmer, or King Crimson, with a huge game plan (the melody advances over the range of 20 minutes) and a delicious structure.

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I am totally inspired by the dynamic listening background of this collection. Every melody features distinctive imaginative turns, while the creation is totally spot-on. It couldn’t beat that!

Madelyn Victoria Short Bio 2019

Madelyn Victoria’s debut single release, “He Only Loves Me on the Dance Floor” reached #1 on the national country AM/FM chart, New Music Weekly, making it one of the biggest debut singles of 2016.

The self-penned song won an Akademia Award for Best Country Song in April 2016, earning her numerous other award nominations and a spot on the Top 50 Most Popular Artists chart.

The video for “He Only Loves Me” reached the Top 5 Most Watched Videos chart, while her youtube cover of George Strait’s “Amarillo By Morning” received over 100,000 views in just 2 days, after being featured on Country Rebel’s website. Her cover of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” matched that number, after being featured on the same site.

But, for the young Texas native, nothing can compare to walking in the footsteps of her legendary idols.

Her latest video release, the original “I Can Be Your Senorita” has already received over 10,000 views.


Odella have been developing and much love expanding in its music over the years. The band songs are mostly based on the pop and funk genre. Shine is their latest release in March 2018.

The collaboration with Ivory Lee became a hit and has cross the national dance/crossover chart. Out of the many songs composed, this is the first time Odella collaborate and features Ivory Lee’s vocals.

I find it a fun mix, which appeals to the young generation who are pop and funk music lovers. The song spreads fun and positive vibes.

I feel that the song can be used in films and advertisements as it is a suitable song that attracts the attention of the audience.

Shine is a great composed song and I personally think that it will be heard by many.

Interview of The New age artist Blow Flyy

Blow Flyy is a new age artist that is passionate in hip hop music. His hip hop music however, has a new taste and thought process that focuses more on story telling rather than ensuring that the music rhymes.

His music appeals to all the young generation especially those who loves hip hop. Blow Flyy performs out of Canada , Toronto currently spreading his music worldwide with the help of various online social media and music platforms.

His new soundtrack titled ‘This is not a dream’ is released from the album, Its Like I Got a Set of Wings. The track ‘This is Not a Dream’ is a 3 minutes 50 seconds audio track that is appealing to the female hip hop music listeners and Blow Flyy fans.

The soundtrack sets the mood in the room and it is great for hip hop music lovers. It connects opposite genders who loves the mood that is set with the music.

Relatively, the entire soundtrack is a slow paced music which does not involves fast and hard instrumental beats. While listening to it, it is quite relaxing and goes with the flow.

Also, the soundtrack is clean. With the continuous clean content and more meaningful storytelling in hip hop music, Blow Flyy will gain many fans worldwide.

Heather Whitney Music Review

In Texas she is  the great Country Music artist and Songwriter. Heather Whitney has release her great new single “What Part of Life.” On 8th September 2018.

She is originally from Southeast Texas. She is a Great Songwriter and also a Singer. Recently she is back with a New Soulful and significant Single “What Part of life”

MTS Management Group is glad to report Heather Whitney as joined the “MTS Family.” She has deal on with MTS for viral and promotions of her Music collection, “Moving On,” including her most recent single, “Movin’ On Song,” and her own video, “Shut up and Dance.” The video was created by Mr. Cherish Lee, little girl of nation legend Johnny Lee and “Dallas” lady, Charlene Tilton.

Whitney composed this new melody and it was therefore delivered by Buddy Hyatt. She keeps in touch with her music as a matter of fact and it appears. “What Part of Life” is advancing up the New Music Weekly Country Charts, and which is all well and good.

In Summary

Finally, Heather Whitney has done it again by publishing another amazing touchy Country Tune. “What Part of Life” is Heart Touchy and relatable. Whitney turns out to be a standout amongst and she is the most underrated female for Country recording specialists within recent memory. Her adaptability as an artist lyricist is mind blowing. “What Part of Life

Dyli Releases a Lovely Pop Tune music, “Low Key”

Dyli is one of the youngest Singer from Stockton, California. Few months ago, she released a lovely pop tune song, entitled, “Low Key”.

She is the most emotionally connected to this. This song is composed as a love story with soft romantic and the meaning represents the challenges are they faced and overcame.

For her actually it was quite hard song to write. The moment was the most difficult to them that they have ever done. And her producer’s laptop had been stolen start of the weekend, all of the works was done one that that stolen laptop. And when they again sat back to work and they faced so many trouble with lyrics and melodies.

Dyli couldn’t concentrate on writing again but the hopes was not lost. Dyli’s Producer was thinking to get help from his close buddies. And they went to him for his support.

Finally her producer was decided that the music track send to his one of amusician friend. That musician friend helped come up with lyrics and melodies where Dyli was not happy about his works, but to her looking to back , she got a great idea. Most of the Los Angeles was on fire while all of this going on. After her session got word that her aunt had passed away. To her everything was possibly going wrong. The song ended up to her being a symbol of her strength as a team.

Final words:

Holy crap! We discovered DYLI on Soundcloud and were blown away by her two newest singles, “Cherry Coke” and “Low Key”. We were even more floored when we found out how young she is. DYLI is writing songs well beyond her years, as indicated by the maturity of “Low Key” and the overall direction of her brand

DJ Henry Black X Ghost Release New Song

The soundtrack Strike is a house soundtrack, produced by 2 DJs. The Djs, namely Henry Black and Ghost released duo collaboration on the 11 December 2018.
The duration of the soundtrack is 5 minutes and 20 seconds. The duo is based in United Kingdom. The soundtracks are produced are mainly big house genre tracks which appeals to people of all ages who loves fast mixes soundtracks.

Strike is perfect mix soundtrack for club houses and parties. The mix is extremely catchy, that it would get anyone on the dance floor. Additionally, the soundtrack would also appeal to trendy, hip and fresh retail stores such as H&M, Cotton On, Forever 21 and Bershka.
The soundtrack sets the customers mood on, and attracts anyone to purchase happily on the go. The duration itself is awesome with great mix of tunes and electro instrumentation.

The title Strike suits the soundtrack well, in which it shows the power of fast pace and creative sounds, appealing to the young group of people. I am sure the people who love big house genres will come to love this soundtrack.
At the same time, for those who are not into the idea of big house genre, will come to listen to this genre and especially this soundtrack. In no time, Strikesoundtrack will be a trending house genre track which will be used in my DJ parties, remixes and big retail shops.

DANJUL Releases New Hit Single “Dance to the Moon”

DANJUL is a capricious great artist on the ascent with an energy for re-invention. Conceived in Inglewood, California and brought up in Covina, DANJUL found his energy for music.

DANJUL collaborated with producer Mitch Maanao to discharge his Dance/Pop single, “Dance to the Moon”. The single is joined by a virtually created reality video which you can see for yourself on DANJUL’s YouTube. The Youtube Video given below.

DANJUL unquestionably has a flighty and one of a kind very unique sound to his music. DANJUL made another taste to music alongside astonishing visuals.

The track “Dance to the Moon” is another great for your Dance/Pop playlist. It contains an awesome melody song alongside a popping beat.

The track has a high generation quality alongside DANJUL’s outstanding vocals. The development truly makes it go and has some good times sound to the melody.

This is effectively prepared for radio play and will effortlessly make them move. The vibe adjusts fairly with David Guetta with new age, pop solid that is extremely enjoyable to tune in to.

Guys you must follow him on his socials to stay aware of his most recent work! Tune in to “Dance to the Moon”.

Top 16 Ukulele Questions and Answers For Beginners

Now that you have finally made up your mind to play the ukulele, the next step is to familiarize yourself with all the questions about the instrument.

Buying the best ukulele for beginners isn’t enough to have a good start. You need to understand the similarities and differences that exist between the ukulele and other instruments; including features of the instrument.

So here you have it, the 10 craziest questions and answers every beginner should know.

1. Are ukulele easier than guitar?

If your definition for “easier” is making music in a short time or with less effort at the start, then the ukulele can be said to be easier than a guitar. The thing is to become proficient at playing any instrument you have to put in more time and practice more often.

You may not make any sense the first day or two with other instruments but with the ukulele, you may be making music the second or third day.

Other reasons the ukulele is easier are; the low tension on its four nylon strings compared to guitar steel strings. The strings make forming chord much easier for a beginner. In addition, the ukulele chords are much easier.

So to answer your question; if you want to make music in a short time as a beginner, I recommend the ukulele.

Also, if you plan to play the guitar in the future, then you can first learn the ukulele. Baritone ukuleles are tuned the same way as guitar; DGBE, which is the same thing as guitar’s high-pitched four strings. In other words, chords you learned from the baritone ukulele will be easily transferred to the guitar.

2. Are ukulele and guitar tuners the same?

Ukulele and baritone ukulele tuners are not the same. But you can use guitar tuners to tune the ukulele. The best option for the tuner to buy is a chromatic tuner. This tuner can recognize all notes and make tuning easy. Also, keep it at 440 Hz as you tune.

3.Is the ukulele easy to learn?

I like to tell people that the ukulele is not easy but comfortable to learn. The reason is because telling someone that the ukulele is “easy” to learn will make him or her lazy.

All instruments need dedication and constant practice to get better at. The ukulele has only four strings, so learning chords will not be too confusing for beginners.

Buying the best ukulele for beginners can make learning much easier too. Nothing can frustrate your teacher or even you more when you have a uke that just can’t stay in tune for a minute or that sounds terribly bad.

4. Is the ukulele strings different sizes?

Yes of course. The ukulele also comes in different sizes so is the string size. Every ukulele has different scale length, which is the distance measured from the bridge to nut. The soprano ukulele has a scale length of 13 inches and overall length of 21 inches.

While the biggest of the four ukulele sizes, baritone ukulele, has a scale length of 19 inches and overall length is 30 inches. Coupled with the fact that the ukulele has different scale length and overall length, the instrument also has different tension requirement.

Therefore, every set of strings will not perfectly fit on every type of ukulele. Also, the scale length and overall length may be indicated on the packaging of the set of strings.

to read more information about best ukulele strings

5. Are ukulele and guitar strings the same?

The ukulele and guitar strings are not the same.

6. When should I change the strings on my ukulele?

It depends on the state of the strings and what you want. For me, I would say when the strings are not sounding the way they use to, you should consider changing them.

Another situation is when any of the string is broken; change all the strings at once to have a uniform and well sounding ukulele.

7.  Are ukulele strings plastic?

Not all ukulele strings are plastic but the most commonly used strings are plastic strings.

8. Do all ukulele strings have the same thickness?

All ukulele strings do not come with the same thickness.

9. Is the ukulele hard to play?

All instruments are not hard to play if you dedicate more time to learn. Compared to other string instruments, the ukulele has just four strings and is much easier to learn.

10. Is it possible to find the best ukulele for beginners?

Most beginners usually choose wrongly when it comes to picking a ukulele. There are numerous options available on the market so that is expected. And yes! It is possible to find the best ukulele but with a little research. You can read through the best ukulele reviews to find some more clues.

11.Where can I get good tuition videos?

There are many places you can get good tuition videos. The internet is filled with lots of good stuff. One of the places you can get good tuition videos are YouTube. Of course, there are other sites too.

12. Are ukulele and bass chords the same?

The answer is no. Both instruments are tuned differently. The ukulele is tuned GCEA while bass is EADG (from lowest to highest string).

13. Are ukulele and mandolin chords the same?

Ukulele and Mandolin chords are not the same. In addition, both instruments are not tuned the same way. The ukulele’s strings are tuned GCEA while mandolin strings are tuned GDAE.

14. Are ukulele and banjo chords the same?

The answer is yes but there is more. Both instruments will only use the same chord when you tune the same.

15. Are ukulele and guitar picks the same?

Picks for ukulele and guitar are not the same but you can use guitar picks to play the ukulele. However, the problem with using guitar picks is that it can scratch your ukulele more easily.

16. Are ukulele and guitar capos the same

Ukulele and guitar capos are not the same but you can use a guitar capo for a ukulele.